Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thankyou Sweet Sisters!

I was nominated for this award by my dolling artist friend Nancy of Atticbabys and Sharon Johnson, aka "Greenie" greeneyez !! Thankyou so beary much.

I am offering this little chubbalicious ted on ebay.
Summer is winding down! I have been busy on a new collection of pocket pets for the UK, and will reveal them soon I promise!!! In the meantime, I am offering Isolde, and her dolly at a bargain opening bid. Enjoy!!!!
Fondly, Pam and the Kingfisher Farm Teddies


Folksie Linda said...

Congratulations on your award Pam, you surely deserve it! Hope your summer was great... can't wait to see your newbies! Hugs, Linda

CARole said...

Pam, dear friend, i wanted to nominate you too, but i thought i remembered reading somewhere that you did not want to be involved in that sort of thing. you know i love ya!