Monday, May 28, 2007

The First Water Lillies of 2007 are HERE!

If you look on the gray rock on the right you can see "Romeo".......this place is toad utopia! You can see the first parrots feather coming out next to the 2 blooms. I spent several hours in the pond yesterday, cleaning, arranging, and putting in some creeping jenny vines. The time passes so quickly when I am in the pond. I have a set of chest waders from Cabelas to wear, since it is over 4 feet deep. I wanted a deep pond to be able to leave my plants and fish out all winter. I lost a lot of fish this past winter, but there are hundreds of babies now........... Oh in case you want to see all the warts on Romeo and the water skippers, click on the photo, it blows up HUGE!!

The bell flowers are goats beard...........

Constance Spry is blooming, the winter really socked her, but she'll make it!


Daisy said...

Hi Pam,Is the horse ours? - No such luck, although my son would have loved it to be. It was one of the horses he was working with last summer on the medieval jousts and I think that he had rather a soft spot for. (Mind you, alex can get a soft spot for any horse in about 5 seconds flat!!)I've got to say, I just love your web site. So far the "Blue Horse" on your blog site, "Baxter Bunny" and "The Hen Pincushion" are on my "When I get rich " list!.I would love to do a "Nice place to visit" link swap with you if you dont mind (I'll put you on mine anyhow.)
Slowly trying to get things together enough to build some kind of site for my "Bears 'n Bunnys 'n other nice stuff" and would be glad to know what a fellow "mohair stuffer" thinks of them .... I'll keep ya posted.xxxx
P.S. Are you taking part in the "Great Bunny Swap" hosted by deb at "Hop Hop Jingle Boo" - be great if you are.

CARole said...

Hi Pam. Just wanted to say that I loved that great big photo of Romeo in the pond! Great shot.