Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Today is unseasonably warm here at Kingfisher Farm! It's 75 degrees. Only a few days ago we needed the heavy comforter on the bed, and now just the sheet! The chickens are laying many eggs a day now. I adore our fresh eggs! No better omelet can be found on earth than the one made from freshly gathered eggs. The shells are so pretty, warm tans and light blue greens. I hate to crack them, but its worth it! Lacey, my favorite hen, a light Brahma, always follows me. She talks so earnestly, and I spoil her with my peelings and scraps from the kitchen. She is also not above stealing grain spilled by the horses, or even dry catfood! She'll never starve, she eats so many bugs too. I cant tell you how fond I am of my hens! I hope today is a lovely day for you too. Pam

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Sam I Am said...

awwwww love your chicks... real and stuffed :) heheheheheheheh