Sunday, March 4, 2007

My life as an artist!

Today the air is crisp and I head to the kitchen for a cup of tea to warm my fingers. The woodstove has gone cold during the night, and my studio is crisply cold! I must stoke up the coals, surely there are some left....ahhhhhh. The fire awakens with a flickering dance! I must create today. I am filled to the brim after visiting "A Gathering on the Prairie"! I could not resist 2 antique dollies, one a peg wooden and the other a paper mache boy with the most whimsical smile on his lips. The show was packed with prinitive antiques, and friendly faces shoulder to shoulder! I have a bear in mind after this wonderful morning spent among the momentos of simpler times...........ahhhhhhh. So many wonderful textiles and prims............


Sam I Am said...

hi pam!!!
welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!!! you'll love it!

Christy said...

You made it!!! Whew! I knew you could do it! Love, Christy